Friday, November 18, 2011

11/18- Razor and Mr T: 49ers Annoucer Ted Robinson

49ers Annoucer Ted Robinson talks about the Big Game, Tim Tebow's big comeback win vs the Jets and if the Niners have anything to be worried about vs the Cardinals

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  1. Ralph and Tom have never been my cup of tea, but when I spent several weeks in LA, Jim Rome was my daily listen. Short, stuccato, repetitive, monologues... that grate on ones ears. On Nov 11, Rome spent almost his entire show going on about 11, 11, 11, 11,(year,month,day, minute). That continual, repetitive, monologue is quintessential Rome. This is how he talks on every subject. Three short words...over and over..adnauseum. He makes Raiph and Tom sound like a literary symphony to my ears. I know Tom loves Rome and Ralph claims to like him. But that must be Ralph's deference to Tom's oppinion. Surely our puesdo-intellectual Ralph has enough taste to see what a repetive bore Jim Rome is.